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Video: How does one select an appropriate Transformer for an application using the EZ Selectors Tool?

Follow the steps below for selecting a Square D Transformer. Click on the EZ Selector link for an interactive guide to selecting a catalog number.

The Transformer EZ Selection Tool makes it easy to choose the correct Transformer for your application!

Follow steps 1-5 below for selection of Transformer

1) Select a the Product Type or sub set
a) Energy efficient - 2016 EX - three phase only
b) Energy efficient - 2016 EX, K13 rated - three phase only
c) Energy efficient - 2016 EX, watchdog low temperature rise - three phase only
d) Energy efficient - 2016 EE single phase only

2) Select the KVA rating

3) Select the primary voltage

4) Select the secondary voltage

5) Select any accessories required

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Buck Boost Calculator - link to the Buck Boost Electronic Calculator

DigestPLUS - access to the DigestPLUS LV Transformer pages

Helpful information to get you started:


Minimum data needed to select a transformer
  • Load voltage (secondary voltage)
  • Load requirement (load always determines phase of transformer)

Three-phase (three wire to four wire)

Single-phase (two wire or three wire)

  • Load Current (use table to convert to kVA or formula)

Single Phase formula: Volts x Current = VA

Three Phase formula: Volts x Current x v3 = VA

Convert VA to kVA by dividing by 1000

  • System voltage and frequency (primary voltage)
  • Mounting Location


LV transformer1



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