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How do I connect a Premium extension rack to a M580

What parts do I need to connect a Premium expansion rack to an M580 PLC?

Product Line:
M580 Premium

Mount the BMXXBE1000 bus extension module on the M580 rack.  
On the top port of the BMXXBE1000 plug in terminator TSXTLYEX (A terminator).
Connect the BusX cable, TSXCBYxxxK, from the bottom port of the BMXXBE1000 module to one side of the Premium rack.
On the other side of the premium rack plug in the other terminator TSXTLYEX( B )

BMXXBE100  Expansion Module
TSXTLYEX  Line Terminators(Set of two A\B)
TSXCBYxxxK where xxx denotes the length ( 010,030,050,120,180)
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