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RealFLO is not recognizing newly added flow runs


An activation code has been used to increase the number of flow runs on a SCADAPack controller (let's say from 2 runs to 4 runs) but I am unable to load a configuration for the new number of flow runs.


After applying the activation code to the controller, you can verify the options on the controller by selecting Controller > Flow Computer Information

4 runs now appear to be activated. Now, if you try to install a new configuration with 4 flow runs configured, you could get an error message indicating that only 2 runs are available. Older versions of RealFlo did not give much information when this error occured which could lead to some confusion. RealFlo 6.95.1 will now give you the following error.

When the flow computer was first loaded to the controller, it looked at the number of enabled flow runs and allocated enough memory to accomadate only that number of flow runs (in this example, 2 flow runs). By replacing/updating the flow computer, RealFlo will look again at the number of currently enabled flow runs (now 4) and allocate enough memory to handle up to 4 flow runs. With the new flow computer installed, you should now be able to laod your configuration with up to 4 flow runs.
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