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Video: How does the LK225AN Neutral/Ground lug install into QO or Homeline load center?

Product Design Features 
Product Line:

QO or Homeline Load Centers
Neutral and Ground lugs 

The LK225AN can be used in the QO Load Centers, Series S_ _, rated 150-225Amp Max. and The Homeline Load Centers, Series S_ _, rated 150-225Amp Max. and Combination Service Entrance Devices(CSED), Series M_ _, rated 150-225Amp Max. The LK225AN branch neutral/ground lug will install on one of the branch neutral bars of the load center or CSED interior or can be installed on a PK-GTA ground bar installed in the load center or CSED. The LK225AN will mount under two(2) wire binding screws on the bar and will accept  (1) #4 - 300kcmil Al/C wire. 

The attached video is ONLY to supplement the INSTRUCTIONS that come with the kit. PLEASE make sure to read the instructions and all the below Safety Information that is located in the instructions BEFORE working on any electrical equipment.

A PDF copy of the complete instructions is attached below the video.

Make sure to turn OFF ALL Power supplying the equipment and verify the power is OFF using a properly rated voltage sensing device, BEFORE working on or with electrical equipment. 
1) Once all Safety steps are followed, begin the kit installation by following the instructions.
2) Remove Cover from load center.
3) To Install the neutral lug kit into a load center, refer to a, b or c below depending on the type of equipment. Mount ONLY in the locations shown in the instructions that come with the kit.
   a) Homeline load centers and CSED Panels using Homeline interiors - loosen the 5th and 8th branch neutral bar wire binding screws on either side of the interior. See Figure 1 in the instructions
   b) QO load centers - Loosen the 1st and 2nd branch neutral bar wiring binding screws in the position shown. See Figure 2 and 3 in the instructions.
   c) CSED Panels using QO interiors - Loosen the 1st and 2nd branch neutral bar wiring binding screws in the position shown. See Figure 4 in the instructions.
NOTE: The Lug is mounted to a small plate and the plate has two projections(or Tangs) and the projections(or Tangs) will mount under the two branch neutral bar wiring binding screws and held in place by tightening the screws.
4) Insert the projections(or Tangs) on the neutral lug mounting plate in the holes under the branch neutral wiring binding screws, that were loosened in step 3. 
5) Torque the wiring binding screws to 35 lb-in (4 N-m) to secure the lug kit to the branch neutral bar.
6) Once the appropriate wire size is install in the lug, torque the Lug wire binding screw for the neutral wire to 250 lb-in (28.3 N-m)


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