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What happened to the DigestPLUS app?

As part of the overall DigestPLUS strategy and in line with efforts to consolidate Schneider Electric Apps, the iOS and Android apps for DigestPLUS have been incorporated into the mySchneider app.
What Changed?
  • The DigestPLUS app has been removed from the iTunes and Google Play app stores.
  • Previously installed DigestPLUS apps (iOS and Android) will no longer function. These should be deleted from your device.
  • The mySchneider App includes DigestPLUS (see screen capture below)
When Did this Change Occur?
This change was previously scheduled for June 2017, however the schedule was accelerated with the launch of the new DigestPLUS web landing page in early March.
How Do I Access DigestPLUS?
All devices - continue to access DigestPLUS directly DigestPLUS
DigestPLUS can be found:
  • home page  > Quick Links > DigestPLUS
  • home page  > Featured element with logo > DigestPLUS Online Catalog
  • Search “digestplus” choose “DigestPLUS Online Catalog” in results. (first result)
  • External Search, search  “digestplus” or “square d digest”, choose DigestPLUS Online Catalog l Schneider Electric
Mobile App (if desired)
DigestPLUS is now also available within the mySchneider App (see screen capture below)
Google Play:
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