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How to troubleshoot DC contactor opened fault 0016 on GT500MV\MVX?

Inverter faulted on 0016 DC contactors opened and unable to clear with F1 button
Product Line:
GT500MV and MVX
3-phase grid-tie installation

Might be loose connection on the wires at the DC contactor or SSR2 might be bad

First, perform LOTO then check at the DC contactor located on the right door of the inverter. Check for looseness on the connection of the wires going into the contactor.
Next, physically swap the SSR1 to the SSR2 position and vice versa. The wires to these SSRs are labeled, but please take a picture before removal to avoid mistakes. Once the SSRs are swapped and all connections are back to normal, turn on the inverter. If the DC contactor closes and the AC contactor doesn’t, then it is an SSR issue. If the DC contactor is still not able to close, then call (866) 519-1470, Option 3, and then 3 to open a new case.
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