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What Product Line Replaces the Altivar 71?

What Product Line Replaces the ATV71?

Product Line:
Altivar 71 (ATV71)

All products of Altivar 71

Needs a replacement for the Altivar 71 drive

The Altivar 71 drive is a Constant Torque rated drive with many advanced features so the appropriate replacement for it would be the Altivar 900 Product line

Altivar 71 to Altivar 900 Product Line 
ATV930... (IP21) replaces the ATV71 open style
ATV950... (IP55)
ATV960... (Nema 1, 12K and 3r Drive Systems) replaces the M-Flex or any Enclosed Drive System with an ATV71 drive 
ATV980... (Nema 1, 12K and 3r Regenerative Drive) replaces PowerGuard (18-Pulse Drive)

Altivar 71 vs Altivar 900 Product Line
The ATV900 has similar functionalities to the ATV71 but a few minor differences to be taken in account when replacing. 

Minor Differences

Be aware the sizes are different between each. When replacing an ATV71 drive that is already enclosed, it may be difficult to retrofit an ATV930 into M-Flex or MCC bucket due to dimensional issues. Because of the conduit kit at the bottom of the ATV930 drive, it tends to make the drive longer in height. Use the installation manual to confirm size differences before retro-fitting the drive. 

The programming layout or style is different from that of the Altivar 71 drive. However, the functions are similar. The are some functionalities found in one and not the other. Reference the Programming Manual for further information.

Control Terminals:
The ATV900 has 2 more digital inputs, 1 more analog inputs, safety inputs, 1 more analog output and 1 pulse input on the embedded control terminal card. 

Safety Inputs:
The safety Input on the ATV71 drive is PWR and +24. The ATV900 uses STO inputs (STOA and STOB)
STO stands for Safe Torque Off. (Reference Altivar 900 Safety Manual for more detailed information)

ATV71 uses it own keypad (VW3A1101) and mounting kit (VW3A1102)
ATV930 uses it own keypad (VW3A1111) and mounting kit (VW3A1112)

Important Note:
When replacing an ATV71 with an ATV930, you need to select for Heavy Duty by choosing the next size larger drive to get the same 150% overcurrent  capacity that was provided by the ATV71.  
By default the same part number (by KW rating) would only have 120% overcurrent capacity.
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