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Phase Monitor RM17 with One LED Light

I have an RM17 Phase Monitoring Relay and the out put contacts won't change state.  What could be wrong?
RM17TG00 - No LED lights illuminated
All other RM17T relays only show one LED light illuminated

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Phase Monitoring Relays - GIC Product

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The first LED indicates that power is applied.   The second LED indicates the the output relay is picked up.   The second LED will only light when all settings are satisfied.  The most common cause of this issue is improper phase rotation.  The RM17 series of relays look for rotation of L1-L2-L3.  When the rotation is L3-L2-L1, the relay will not change the output contact state.
The solution is to simply swap any two leads coming into the relay around to obtain the proper sequencing:
Swap L1 with L3 or L2 with L3 or L1 with L2.   If this doesn't clear this adjust the settings until the output picks up.  See attached instructions.
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