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AGS: How do I use a generator on AC1 with an AGS?

My AGS keeps shutting down the generator when it starts on AC1

Usually an off-grid the installation with 2 generators, or some insistence on using the AC1 input

Product Line
Conext XW+, Conext AGS

The AGS is normally supposed to turn off a generator when there is voltage on AC1.  AC1 is typically designated as the grid input for the generator.  When voltage is apparent on that input, the AGS is meant to turn off its generator because the "grid quality" is now good.  The AGS does not know (by default) that the source on AC1 is the generator connected to the AGS.

To change that functionality, the associations on both the XW and the AGS have to be changed for compatibility.  The associations can be changed via the System Control Panel, Conext Combox, or Conext Configuration Tool.  In all cases, make sure that the units  being changed are in the Standby Mode.

The necessary associations are as follows:
XW+ Associations:
AC1 - Gen1
AC2 - Gen2
AC Out - AC Load1
DC IN - House Bank 1

AGS Associations:
DC IN - House bank 1
Generator - Generator 1
AC OUT - AC Load1
AC IN - Grid 1
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