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How far can the Process keypad, VW3A1111, be mounted from the VFD?

What is maximum cable length for remote mounting the Process VW3A1111 keypad? 

Product Line:
Process ATV600 ATV900



The maximum tested and validated cable length is 10 meters with the VW3A1104R100 cable.

Longer cable can be tried by using standard CAT 5 type cable to connect between the remote HMI and the VFD.  Please keep in mind that Schneider Electric will not guarantee any cable above 10 meters.  Some OEMs have ran cables up to 200 feet; however, they had to add an external power supply to compensate the long cable length.  See the attachment for an OEM example of 200 ft cable run made with ATV71 and VW3A1101. It should apply to the ATV Process and VW3A1111 as well since they use the same power supply and similar hardware design.
We offer 4 cable options
1 meter VW3A1104R10
3 meter VW3A1104R30
5 meter VW3A1104R50
10 meter VW3A1104R100
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