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Will my Conext Combox still log data to Conext Insight with a bad internet connection?

Customers want to confirm if the Conext ComBox will still log data to Conext Insight with a bad internet connection, as well as how it does so

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Conext Combox 865-1058


Very remote site that has internet with a spotty connection (satellite internet)

The ComBox will store the data packets on the SD card until either the SD card is full or the data is processed by Conext Insight.

​The limitation to this is that only 5 packets of data are transmitted in a session.  A packet is created every 10 minutes and a session is attempted every 10 minutes.

This means that for every day that the combox is offline it will take 6 hours to fully upload the data.
Each session has 4 spare data packet slots (5 slots - 1 packet generated and uploaded = 4 spare slots)
1 day = 24 hours @ 6 packets per hour = 144 packets.
144 packets /4 packets = 36 sessions / 6 sessions an hour = 6 hours.

Behavior in spotty connections is not covered in ComBox documentation
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