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Menu Options are Missing on the Accutech Field Unit Display


Certain menu options are no longer available via the menu map. I can no longer configure those parameters locally at the unit.


The RF parameters for a field unit device must always be configured via push buttons but the remaining parameters can be configured via Accutech Manager and transmitted over the air to the Field Unit.

If Accutech Manager was configured as a Management Tool, then the software will keep track and save the field unit configuration and will even log data while the software is running. In order for Accutech Manager to serve as a Management Tool with up-to-date configurations, a flag is set in the field unit to prevent certain configuration changes from the push buttons. 

There are two options available to enable the full menu on the field unit:

  1. Change the Client Mode in Accutech Manager to Configuration Tool and then write a configuration to the field unit. (When Accutech Manager is set as a Configuration Tool, it does not keep track of field unit configurations once the software is closed down)
  2. From the field unit CONFIG menu, select DEFAULT and RESET the field unit. This will reset the RF parameters of the field unit and clear the flag that was preventing local changes. You will need to set the RF Chanel, RF Baud Rate and RF ID for the field unit to talk to the base radio once more.


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