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How is the Auto restart function enabled on ATV12?

How is the Auto restart function enabled on ATV12?

Product Line:
ATV12, Altivar 12



NOTE: This function allows an automatic restart of the drive controller if the cause of the fault has disappeared and a run command is maintained. It also allows the drive to restart after a power loss. Please make sure that this condition is safe for your application. Auto restart does not restart the drive for all of the fault conditions. With certain faults the drive controller must be reset by cycling power.
Please refer to the documentation associated with the product for further information, cautions or warnings that may apply to this issue.

Go to ConF, Full, I-O-, tCt and set 2 wire type to level control (LEL).
Go to ConF, Full, Flt, Atr, again Atr and set auto fault reset to yes (Yes).
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