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How do we change the color of Vijeo Designer Toolchest images from the image library?

Today the easiest way to change the colors of any toolchest images from the image libraries is to use this procedure:
1) Drag the desired image on to your Vijeo Designer Panel
2) Select the image and then Copy (Ctrl + C)
3) Open Microsoft word and Paste (Ctrl + V)
4) Select the image in Microsoft word and then Copy (Ctrl + C)
5) Open Microsoft Paint and Paste (Ctrl + V)
6) Use the Color Filler to change the colors of the image
7) Once you are done, select the image and Copy/Paste into Microsoft Word again
8) Copy/Paste from Word to Vijeo Designer
9) In Vijeo Designer, enable the Anti-Alaising and set the transparent color to be the back ground color of the image.
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