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What are the repair parts for a C82344, Series E01 Canadian Double throw Safety Switch?

Repair parts

Product Line:
Candian Double Throw Safety Switch

Repair parts


The parts listed here are the only field replaceable parts.
Top switch base assembly - 4053813251 (per pole)
Middle blade base assembly - 4053816550 (per pole)
Bottom switch base assembly - 4053813351 (per pole)
Top, middle and bottom base mounting screws - 4020506501 (2 required per base assembly)
Arc suppressor assembly - 4053818950 (one per pole for Top and Bottom base assembly)
Arc suppressor mounting screws - 2159414163 (2 required per arc suppressor)
Handle knob assembly - 4028435750 (this is ONLY the circular wooden part that attaches to the end of the metal operating handle) The metal part of the handle is NOT available for field replacing.
Cover interlock assembly - 116101
Cover interlock assembly mounting screws - (1) 2142217101 & (2) 2142717161
Cover interlock key - 190002
Lug assembly - 4025116251 (Included on the top, middle and bottom base assemblies)
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