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What are the repair parts for an EZML332400, Series M03 branch unit?

Design repair parts

Product line:
EZM Metering

Repair parts



Only the parts listed below are considered field replaceable:

Customer Cover - EZML332400C (Includes all the labels)
Blank Covers - EZML400BK2 (Includes 3 covers) (these are the blank covers that go inbetween the meter socket covers)
Cover Screws - 4020513002K (bag of 10 screws)
Meter Socket Cover - EZMCRC (cover for one meter position)
Parts Kit - EZML3400KIT (this kit includes one complete meter position, meter socket line side through tenant breaker base) 
Replacement Tenant Circuit Breaker - LJL36400U31X (one tenant position)
Circuit Breaker RB Cover - BCM (This is the small plastic cover that goes over the tenant breaker handle for one position) 
Bag Assembly with enclosure connecting hardware, Series Combination System label and EZM installation instructions - 7329791750 
Mounting Channel - 7329776601
Equipment Ground lug assembly - 7329704452 (This is the two ground lugs mounted on a bracket) 
Mounting Screws for Equipment Ground lug assembly -  (2 required)
Branch load Neutral lugs:
1) Lug kit - MMLK250 (this kit contains 3 lugs and mounting hardware, BUT the branch neutral will ONLY allow for 2 lugs)
2) Lug connector - 7329776906 (This is a flat bus bar the Lugs mount on top of)
3) Mounting screws and washers for the Lug Connector - 2149020200(Screw for right side) & 2390331603(washer for Right side) AND 2159417320(Screw for Left side) & 2390331201(washer for Left side)
End Closing Cap Kit - EZMCAP
End Closing Cap Kit (Right Side Only Shallow) - EZMSCAP
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