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What does a F0007 fault mean on a XCNA and how to fix it?

Unit faulted on AC power interrupted

Product Line:


Grid event or power surge

1. Open the pavel door at the AC cabinet door and see if the orange reset button tripped. If it tripped then when you press on it inward, it will click.
2. Next, turn the local disable switch to disabled.
3. Turn the red knob\QS2 to the off position. This will kill the AC power to the inverter.
4. Wait until the display go blank and another minute and turn the red knob to the ON position.
5. The fault 0007 should be clear and the only event left is 6802 " Disable via local switch".
6. Turn the Disable\Enable switch to enable or On.
7. Inverter will go back online.

If cycled power does not clear the fault then call 866-519-1470 option 3 and 3 to get help clear the fault.
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