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I have an older Xantrex Grid Tie Solar Inverter, how can I log my data with a Conext ComBox?

Customer has an older Xantrex Grid Tie Solar Inverter (Xantrex GT / Conext TX Units) and they want to log their solar data.

Product Line
Xantrex GT (864-1XXX / 864-0XXX)
Conext TX (878-XXXX)

Customer needs to be able to use the Conext ComBox to log the solar harvesting data from the grid-tie inverter.

This is caused by firmware incompatibility between the ComBox and the grid tie inverters.
Older firmware on the ComBox (which is incompatible with grid-tie inverters) will stop logging data when its internal memory becomes full because it is unable to clear its data as new data becomes available. Memory issue was resolved by newer firmware but caused the ComBox to be incompatible with the grid-tie inverters.

Keep the existing firmware (Firmware Ver. 1.00) and allow logging to continue, and clear out the old logs.
The old harvest data will be lost, unfortunately.
To clear out the old logs, apply the script here:
Instructions here:
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