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What settings are important to collect for troubleshooting any 3phase GT units?

There are times where it is difficult to be on site while on the phone, but there are settings that one can gather that will help us troubleshoot the unit.

Product Line:
GT100, GT250, GT500MV, GT500MV40C, GT500MVX, GT500-480

Applications that use the GT 3phase utility scale inverters

Gathering information for the unit while on site

These parameters can be gathered directly from the interface panel.  To Navigate between the write and read menus, you can simply press the Menu button.  The Menu button will cycle between those values that you are able to read coming from the inverter (Read Menu) and those values that you can set (Write Menu)

Read Menu

Serial Number:
Firmware CCU: "Starts with 151"
CCU Rev.
Firmware Rev:"Start with 151"
Display Board Color:(Blue or Green)
Write Menu
Power Producing
AC Volts (AB)
AC Volts (BC)
AC Volts (AC)
AC Current (A)
AC Current (B)
AC Current (C)
PV Volts
PV Current
Matrix Temp (Right)
Matrix Temp (Left)
Time & Date

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