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What is the significance of the microSD card for Conext Insight?

Why does Schneider Electric recommend using a microSD card in the Combox when connected to Conext Insight?

Product Line:
Conext Combox, Conext Insight

Combox that is pushing data to the Conext Insight server

The microSD card use for Conext Insight is not described in the manuals for the Conext Combox.  Some information can be found on the help link for Conext Insight

In addition to custom logging, the microSD card can be used by the Combox to save data to be pushed to Conext Insight.  The Combox will normally push packets to Conext Insight every 10 minutes.  If a pushed is missed, that packet will be saved to the microSD so that it can be pushed to Conext Insight the next time around.  This will help prevent gaps in the data on Conext Insight.
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