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How Can I Use an External Source to Trigger My AGS?

Customer has an external source, such as a thermostat or time-controlled relay, that they want to use to start the generator.

Product Line

AGS where additional triggers are desired based on non-AGS parameters

The AGS is limited to start based on voltage, load, and state of charge (if a Conext Battery Monitor is installed).  It does have built-in functionality for 2 external sources.

An external source can be connected to either the Temp1 or Temp2 input of the AGS.  The Temp1 and Temp2 settings also have to be enabled in the AGS.  As long as the signal is HIGH, then the AGS will start the generator and keep it running.  When the signal goes to LOW, then the AGS will begin procedures to stop the generator.

The inputs for Temp1 are wires 1 (input) and 2 (return).
The inputs for Temp2 are wires 3 (input) and 4 (return).
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