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What is the "ForceOnAutoOff" mode for my AGS?

After upgrading the SCP or Combox, there is a new setting in GenMode called ForceOnAutoOff

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SCP, Combox, AGS, Battery Monitor

AGS used in conjunction with an SCP on v2.02 or a Combox used with v3.03 firmware.

"ForceOnAutoOff" was added as a feature with the release of the SCP firmware v2.02 and the Combox firmware v3.03.  There is still limited documentation on the feature, and the manual has not yet been updated to reflect the change.

ForceOnAutoOff requires the use of the Conext Battery Monitor.  It is a trigger that is based on the state of charge (SoC) of the battery bank.  The SoC start and stop triggers also need to be set-up in the AGS.  This trigger can only be used when the battery SoC is between the SoC start and stop thresholds.  It will trigger the generator to run, then stop when the SoC reaches the stop threshold as set in the AGS.
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