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What is the UL67 Service Entrance requirement and how does it affect panel installations?

What is the UL67 Service Entrance Code?

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UL 67 2017 Service entrance kit for main breaker panels, load centers, or CSED

2017 UL 67 Service entrance requirements


UL67 Section 5.4 Service Equipment

More than 8% of work related deaths is caused by electrocution

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Association there are more than 92 work-related deaths per week. A little over eight percent of those are caused by electrocution, most of which occur by inadvertent contact with energized objects.

The UL67 standard has been updated for the purpose of enhancing safety in electrical distribution panels. The revision, which takes effect January 1, 2017, requires panel manufacturers to provide protective devices that guard against inadvertent contact with exposed energized parts. All manufacturers must comply with the UL changes, but the methods they use will vary. The new requirement also appears in the 2017 National Electrical Code® (NEC), with timing subject to state-specific adoption.

The change applies any time a panel is being used as service entrance equipment, whether it’s a main breaker load center, panelboard, or combination service entrance device (CSED) application. Even with the barrier in place, the panel must still be de-energized before removing the deadfront, but the new requirement guards against inadvertent contact with any exposed line side parts that would still be energized unless the upstream meter is pulled.

Please contact your local Distributor or Proficient contractor to obtain the barrier part numbers and to place your order.

For our Distributors and Proficient contractors:  The  part numbers are found in Product Selectors when selecting RTI panels and are based on the panel selected.  Once the part number is known, it can also be ordered as a separate item using EQM or Q2C.

For more information regarding the code please see the link below for a video as well as documentation.

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