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What is the NEMA Rating on I-Line II Busway?

What is the Nema rating on  I-Line II Busway?

Product Line:
I-Line busway sold and supported in the USA.


Product Features

 I-Line II busway is available as Indoor and Outdoor Rated products. Busway products are designed per UL857 and IEC529 and are not assigned NEMA ratings.
Below are the offered ratings. See attached IP Chart.
Indoor Rated Offerings: (Plug-In and Feeder Busway)
Standard Indoor (IP40)
M Type Drip Resistant (IP42)
M54 Type Splash Resistant (IP54)

Outdoor Rated Offerings: (Feeder Busway Only)
Standard outdoor (IP65) UL approved.
Standard outdoor (IP66) UL approved for Indoor installations only, IEC approved for Outdoor Installations.

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