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What is W48 on my Conext XW+/SW?

The W48 warning comes on when I am inverting, and the Control Panel beeps and flashes.

Product Line
XW, Conext XW+, Conext SW

Battery based inverters typically used off-grid, or during power outages.

W48 is related to F48.  F48 is the Low Battery Cut Out Fault.  In our inverter, the W48 warning appears when the battery voltage reaches the Low Battery Cut Out setting plus 2Vdc.

Acknowledge the fault, and recognize that the battery may need charging.  The warning can be avoided by lowering the LBCO, but that also means that the inverter is allowed to use more of the battery when it is inverting.  If a generator is available, this would be a good time to turn the generator on to charge.  This can also occur if there is a large load that drags the battery bank voltage down while running.  This type of scenario is fairly normal for smaller sized battery banks.  The fault can also be cleared manually using an SCP or Combox if the battery voltage has increased past the warning threshold.
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