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How can you identify the part number for a TeSys D control relay?

How can a customer identify the part number for a TeSys D contactor and/or overload?
Product Line:
Contactors and Overload Relays
North American Products
Customer would like to identify the part number for troubleshooting or replacement purposes.
TeSys D Relays will have the base of the part number printed in gray type on the face of the relay in the upper left corner beginning with CAD.  This part number will not be complete without a 2-character alphanumeric code that is added to the end that represents the voltage of the relay coil.  On DC ratedrelays, the code is located directly beneath the base part number on the face.  On AC rated relays, the code is located in a window in the coil housing located on the top of the relay.

The side label does not include the part number for the relay.

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