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Where are rodent barriers or closing plates located on our QED NEMA 1 or NEMA 3R switchboards and what do they look like?

What are rodent barriers or closing plates for our QED 2 switchboards how are the installed?

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QED, QED2, QED 6, PZ4, CMM, Custom switchboards

Identifying closing plates or rodent barriers

The rodent barriers and closing plates are the same thing. They are also known as rat guards. They are metal pieces that are installed on the front and sides with mounting brackets/plates for the back. These
are available for both N1 and N3R but are not included as standard and must be ordered at the time of switchboard selection. If replacements are required, please provide the FO number of the switchboard to your local distributor and they will contact the local Schneider sales office to work direct with the plant for part numbers and to order.

Please see the installation instructions for both N1 and N3R
applications. There is also a drawing showing placement and what they look like.
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