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What Product Line Replaces the ATV61 now that it is obsolete?

Altivar 61 drives are no longer available.  What product is the replacement?

Product Line:
Altivar 61 / ATV61
MCC installed ATV61

All products of Altivar 61

The ATV61 has been phased out of production throughout 2016 and customers need to replace them with a current product.

The Altivar 61 drive is a Variable Torque rated drive with many advanced features so the appropriate replacement for it would be the Altivar 600 Product line.

Low Torque applications typically most Pumps and Fans

Altivar 61 to Altivar 600 Product Line 
ATV630... (IP21) replaces the ATV61H... (open style)
ATV650... (IP55) replaces the ATV61W... (Nema 12 box)
ATV660... (Nema 1, 12K and 3r - Drive Systems) replaces the E-Flex, M-Flex or any Enclosed Drive System with an ATV61 drive 
ATV680... (Nema 1, 12K and 3r - Regenerative Drive) replaces PowerGuard (18-Pulse Drive) ATV61 Enclosed Drives

Altivar 61 vs Altivar 600 Product Line
The ATV600 has similar functionalities to the ATV61 but a few minor differences to consider when replacing. 


The dimensions for the ATV630 can be significantly different than those of the same HP size ATV61 so care must be taken before ordering to ensure the product will fit.
It may be difficult to retrofit an ATV630 into an E-Flex, M-Flex, Field Drive,  or MCC bucket due to dimensional issues.  Please review carefully before attempting.   Be aware that this may impact the UL listing of the assembly.

Network Communications:
At this time (Feb 2017) the ATV630 does not support all of the network communication options that were available in the ATV61 so may also impact your selection.

Smaller HP:
For smaller HP applications (less than 20 HP) you may want to review the ATV320 as a possible replacement, and we will soon be offering an ATV340 which will support applications up to 100 HP.  Note that dimensions, accessories and programming for these products will also be different than the ATV61.
You may also want to consider an ATV71 drive, however that product is also scheduled to be obsoleted in the near future so would not be a good long term solution.

Safety Inputs:
The safety Input on the ATV61 drive is PWR and +24. The ATV600 uses STO inputs (STOA and STOB)
STO stands for Safe Torque Off. (Reference Altivar 600 Safety Manual for more detailed information)

ATV61 uses it own keypad (VW3A1101) and mounting kit (VW3A1102)
ATV630 uses it own keypad (VW3A1111) and mounting kit (VW3A1112)

The programming layout or style is different from that of the Altivar 61 drive. However, the functions are similar. The are some functionalities found in one and not the other. Reference the Programming Manual for further information.

Control Terminals:
The ATV600 has 1 more analog inputs, safety inputs and 1 more analog output on the embedded control terminal card. 

Single vs 3-Phase:
The ATV61H...M3 worked up to 30hp in single phase.
The Altivar 630 drives are not yet rated for single phase. For single phase drive you may want to consider going with an ATV71 until it becomes obsoleted next year. 

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