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Why does my TeSys T unit in an MCC immediately go into thermal fault when I try to start the motor?

Thermal Fault on start up

Product Line:
TeSys T Motor Management Controller

North American Products

Full load current is not programmed

When a TeSys T LTMR unit goes out in an MCC it is pre-programmed for the customer except for one important setting. The full load current of the motor is not known by the plant, and is therefore left at the default setting (which is the lowest possible for the device). In order to correct this the FLC1 parameter will need to be programmed to match the full load current of your motor. After this is done, and the thermal capacity in the TeSys T has come back down to less than 75%, the thermal fault will be able to be reset with the blue reset button on the TeSys T unit. 
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