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On QO and HOM GFI breakers, is it ok if there is some movement on the terminals of the breaker?

On QO and HOM GFI breakers, if the load wire is moved back and forth, the terminal also moves back and forth.

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

QO and HOM Circuit Breakers

For QO and HOM Circuit Breakers, it is normal to have some movement on the terminals. When force is applied to the terminal, the amount of movement is related to tolerance stack-ups in the housing and terminals. The actual amount of movement may vary from one terminal to the next, and from breaker to breaker. The breaker support housing restricts the movement of the terminals to acceptable parameters. Therefore, the movement of the terminals does not affect the operation of the breaker. 
NOTE: As in any electrical connection, it is always important that the terminal is properly torqued to provide the proper electrical connection to the terminal.
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