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Why can't I change settings in the GKP on a XC\XCNA inverter?

I need to change system parameters on the XC\XCNA inverter, but system will not allow it

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Privileges, inverter was running or Remotely controlled

1.  Some of the parameters on the inverter can not be change. This is to protect the integrity of out inverter.
2.  Make sure that the system is not running when you are making changes. Simply put the local switch to disable.
3.  Make sure that the inverter is not controlled remotely.
     a.   Local switch disabled
     b.   Press the enter button by push inward at the scroll wheel on the GKP
     c.   Turn the wheel\knob at the GKP to Language, time interface and press enter (press inward on the wheel\knob).
     d.   Turn the wheel to Comm interface and press enter.
     e.   Turn the wheel to Parameters control station and press enter.
      f.   If the check mark is at the Modbus address, turn the wheel to Panel control and pres enter.
     g.   It will kick you out of that screen and bring you to the Comm interface screen. Press F4 to be in the main screen.
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