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For Ground Fault Alarm on a 5.0P or 5.0H Micrologic Trip Unit, can a Modbus register be used instead of having to use M2C contacts?

Instead of using M2C contacts for GF alarm, what is the correct Modbus register that does the same thing?

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Circuit Breakers

Circuit Breakers with Micrologic 5.0P or 5.0H trip units

Modbus register 8860 can be used for ground fault alarm on 5.0P and 5.0H trip units. It emulates the function of GF alarm in the M2C contacts. Register 8860 changes when both the ground fault pickup level and the time delay level have been met.
(Note: For a register that changes state when only the GF pickup level is exceeded, not waiting for when the time delay to be exceeded, is register 8864).
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