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What is the part number and dimenstions for the floor mounting bracket for an EX Type Transformer in styles 17 - 22 K and 25 - 31 J enclosures?

What are the dimensions of the 7400FMB and the mounting hole dimensions as well?

Product Line:
General Purpose Dry Type 600 Volts and Below Transformer

EX transformer enclosure styles 17 - 22K and 25 - 31 J

To provide multiple options for attaching the units to the floor.

The part number for the floor mounting bracket in Style K and J enclosure for an EX Transformer is 7400FMB. The styles J and K are the only transformers that accept the mounting
feet and it is a requirement for seizmic reasons in many of the western states. Please refer to the current Digest with your part number to determine what style enclosure your specific transformers use. Please see the attachment for a picture of the 7400FMB mounting feet and the one with the dimensions.
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