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What auxiliary contacts are available for the GV3P and GV2 manual motor starters?

Do the GV3P and GV2 aux contacts come installed as standard? 

Product Line: 
GV Manual Starters and Protectors

North American Products

These do not come with auxiliary contacts preinstalled, but we have instantaneous contacts as well as fault signaling and short circuit signaling contacts as listed in the table below. 
Description Mounting
Max. # of 
Contact Type Cat #
Instantaneous Auxiliary contacts Front ($%) 1 NO or NC GVAE1
      NO + NC GVAE11
      NO + NO GVAE20
Instantaneous Auxiliary contacts Left hand side 2 NO + NC GVAN11
      NO + NO GVAN20
Fault signaling + instantaneous
auxiliary contacts
Left hand side (*) 1 NO (FAULT) + NO GVAD1010
      NO (FAULT) + NC GVAD1001
      NC (FAULT) + NO  GVAD0110
      NC (FAULT) + NC GVAD0101
Short circuit signaling contact Left hand side 1 SPDT GVAM11

$ - Cannot be used with GV2GH7 insulator
% - Mounting of a GVAE contact block or a GV2AK00 visible isolation block on a GV2P
* - The GVAD is always mounted next to the starter
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