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What auxiliary contacts are available for the GV3P and GV2 manual motor starters?

GV3P and GV2 aux contact

Product Line: 
GV Manual Starters and Protectors

North American Products

We have instantaneous contacts as well as fault signaling and short circuit signaling contacts as listed in the table below. 
Description Mounting
Max. # of 
Contact Type Cat #
Instantaneous Auxiliary contacts Front ($%) 1 NO or NC GVAE1
      NO + NC GVAE11
      NO + NO GVAE20
Instantaneous Auxiliary contacts Left hand side 2 NO + NC GVAN11
      NO + NO GVAN20
Fault signaling + instantaneous
auxiliary contacts
Left hand side (*) 1 NO (FAULT) + NO GVAD1010
      NO (FAULT) + NC GVAD1001
      NC (FAULT) + NO  GVAD0110
      NC (FAULT) + NC GVAD0101
Short circuit signaling contact Left hand side 1 SPDT GVAM11

$ - Cannot be used with GV2GH7 insulator
% - Mounting of a GVAE contact block or a GV2AK00 visible isolation block on a GV2P
* - The GVAD is always mounted next to the starter
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