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​How to perform invert test on a Conext XW/XW+ hybrid inverter/charger?

Performing an invert test

Product Line:
XW+/XW hybrid inverter/charger

Applications where the XW/XW+ are used

How to perform a inverting test

To perform the invert mode test:
1. Turn on the DC breaker (switch) to provide DC source to the inverter/charger.
2. Set the inverter/charger to “Operating” if “STB” is shown on the information display
3. Enable invert.
4. Confirm the “Inverting” LED on the information display panel is ON.
5. Check the output voltage regulation is 110VAC~ 125VAC for 120VAC line, and
221VAC~260VAC for 240VAC line, and 210VAC~233VAC for 230VAC Europe
6. Disable inverter and remove load.
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