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What is the code to clear the faults on an XC or XCNA unit?

Code to clear the XC/XCNA fault code

Product Line:
XCNA, XC units

Installations where there are XCNA and or XC units

There may be instances were certain faults can be cleared

The customer code that people can use is 7513.  This code needs to be entered in the Service Code of the Access Level Menu
Main Menu>>Access Level >>Service Code>> Enter “7513”
To clear the code:
  1. Assuming that you are still in the “Panel control” instead of Modbus.
  2. At the Main menu, select access level and press the center button. Now enter the 4 digits code for level 2(F2=adds digits, F3= scrolls to the next digit).
  3. At the Main menu, go to Inverter Protection\Periodic Maintenance\Clear service and press the center button.
  4. Enter the 4 digits clear code 1234 and press center button.
Always put it back to Modbus mode when you are completely done, otherwise the customer will not able to connect to the inverter.
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