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My XW+ is showing F01 instead of RPO with RPO switch closed.

The unit is displaying RPO behavior despite not showing "RPO" on the inverter display.

Product Line
Conext XW+

This is a system that intends to use the Remote Power Off (RPO) feature that is built-in to the Conext XW+

If the RPO setting is enabled AND the RPO switch is CLOSED before power-on, the XW will sometimes issue an F01 instead of an RPO message on startup. This is a rare condition between the RPO and fault detection signals.  The same situation can also prevent the inverter from charging.

To reset condition, open RPO switch (if safe to do so). De-energize. Wait 1 minute. Re-energize. To prevent re-occurrence, make sure to reset RPO switch to OPEN before powering or re-powering inverter. 
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