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How Do I Delete my Site from Conext Insight?

Request to delete site from Conext Insight

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Conext Combox, Conext Insight

Conext Insight site in need of being deleted

This action make be needed for a variety of reasons.  The most prevalent is the creation and subsequent deletion of duplicate sites.

To delete a site from Conext Insight do the following: 
-Go to 
-Log in to the administrator Insight account 
-Click on the site that you would like to delete 
-Click on the link that says "View Site Details" 
-Click on "My Sites" 
-If there is a Combox attached, click on "Manage Combox" then delete. If a Combox has not been attached skip this site 
-Click on "Manage Site" 
-Click on "Delete" 
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