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Lights flickering with with a dimmer switch or very low load with Search Mode disabled

Conext SW and/or Conext XW+ units exhibit some slight flicker when using a very low load.

Product Line
Conext XW+, Conext SW

Conext inverter used with extremely low loads without the use of search mode.

If the light is less than 10W, I would assume it is not an incandescent type therefore, if it is a Compact Fluro, fluro or LED light fitting it needs to go through an electronic ballast that supports dimming of that particular technology. Most dimmers use leading (LE) or trailing (TL) edge technology that truncate the AC waveform to limit the amount of power going to the light and therefore dimming the output. 

LED lights are different, they use Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) to limit the power output. They create dimming by limiting the number of pulses going to the bulb. Some actually convert the LE and/or TL signal into a pulse that can drive the LED's.

Some electronic ballasts are known to have issues with inverters. Recommend installing an incandescent bulb of similar power and see if the customer has the same issue.
If the problem goes away, the electronic ballast and/or light fitting may need replacing for a more compatible unit.
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