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AGS Starting and stopping every day at the exercise time.

The AGS seems to be starting the generator every day on the exercise time, but not completing the full exercise cycle.

Product Line
Conext AGS, Conext SCP, Conext Combox

A Conext AGS that is in Xanbus with a Conext SCP and Conext Combox.

The issue is caused by having 2 devices on the Xanbus network that broadcast time such as a Combox and a SCP that are not synchronized to the correct time and date.

Update the firmware of the AGS to v3.01 or later.  3.01 fixed a bug that would cause the unit to crank everyday at the exercise time but fail to run the full exercise duration.  This fix forces the AGS to prefer one device over the other in the event that both the System Control Panel and Combox are both on Xanbus.
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