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How do I recover logs from the Conext CL?

What is the process to recover service and/or energy logs from the Conext CL?

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Conext CL

Looking to download history of production and service logs from the Conext CL.

The service logs are especially useful in case of any failure.  Energy logs can be used by the customer to see their production over time.

Make sure to have a USB flash drive available.  Size does not matter.  To avoid any unnecessary procedure, make sure that there is no firmware loaded on the USB drive.  Starting with the unit powered on.  Follow the steps below:
-Insert USB drive into USB port of Conext CL
-Press the Home button
-Select Maintenance from the menu
-The unit will request the password.  That is  1 2 3 4.
-Select "Copy Logs to USB"
-Screen will confirm when copy is completed.
-Remove USB
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