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What are the string size limitations of the Conext CL-NA inverters?

Engineering/designers doing string design for Conext CL units, and needs to account for any design limitations

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Conext CL

Design assistance for the Conext CL

The Conext CL does have some power limitations per MPPT that can result in damage to the inverter if exceeded.

There are three major limits to consider
1. Power - The maximum power of an array for a single MPPT must not exceed 11400W (for the CL 18000NA) or 15900W (for Conext CL 25000NA)
2. Voltage - The PV array open circuit voltage must never exceed 1000Vdc.  This includes temperature compensation.
3. Current - The maximum array short circuit current must never exceed 36.0Adc.  This also includes temperature compensation.
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