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Is the Conext CL "Buy American Act" compliant?

Customer wants to check "Buy American Act" compliance

Product Line
Conext CL

New Conext CL installations in the design phase.  They are generally going to be at government or government sponsored locations

The "Buy American Act" gives incentives for government projects that use materials that are manufactured or partially manufactured in the the United States.  Below  is a link to CivicSolar and a brief synopsis of the "Buy American Act"

Most notably is the passage stating the below:

Answering "yes" to one of the questions below would mean a qualification for Buy American provision:
  • Were all of the components of the manufactured good manufactured in the United States?
  • Were all of the components assembled into the final product in the U.S.?
  • Was there a change in character or use of the good or the components in America?
  • Was(/were) the process(es) performed in the U.S. (including but not limited to assembly) complex and meaningful?

The Conext CL inverter is designed in Canada and manufactured in Bangladore, India.  This disqualifies the inverter itself.  However, there may be exceptions especially if most of the labor and materials is from the US.
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