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What is the data usage rate of the Conext Combox?

What is the data usage rate for the Combox when it pushes data to Conext Insight

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Conext Combox, Conext Insight

Combox connected via internet to a Conext Insight Account

Some customers have strict data limits, so it is important to know how much data to budget for the Insight connection.  If the customer uses a wireless/mobile connection, then they can figure out how large of a data plan would be needed.

Results will vary depending on the size of the actual system.  A system with 2 XW 6048 and 2 MPPT 60 150 generates a packet file averaging 2.5kB.  Assuming there is a reliable internet connection, the Combox will push to Conext Insight every 10 minutes or 6 times an hour.  

2.5kB x 6 pushes per hour x 24 hours x 30 days is roughly equal to 11MB per month.

The amount will vary proportionally to the amount of devices on the Xanbus network, but the result is a relatively small amount of data.
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