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The XW6848 unit keeps cycling between load shave and AC passthrough and it doesn't remain in one state?

XW6848 is cycling between AC passthrough and Load Shave

Product Line:
XW6848, XW5548,XW6048,XW4548,XW4024

Installation that have the XW hybrid inverter/charger

The unit does not stay stable and it cycles between load shave an AC pass through.

The reason the unit is cycling between load shave and passthrough is most likely due to the voltage of the battery.  The transition between Load shave and passthrough is the [Recharge Volts + 0.5 Volts].  See Figure Below

For Example:
If the recharge volts is set to 50 volts and the the battery voltage is varying close to 50.5, the unit can transition between those modes.  The solution is to either adjust the recharge volts to a point where the battery is not cycling between those modes, or make sure you have renewable energy that can charge the batteries and maintain them above the recharge volts + 0.5 volts.

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