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Is the PM8000 series capable of monitoring a 400 Hz system?

The PM850 and PM870 are capable of monitoring a 400 Hz system. As the PM8000 series is the replacement for the PM850 and PM870 (FA272908), a customer may ask if the PM8000 can also monitor a 400 Hz system.

Product Line
PM8000 series (PM8240, PM8243, PM8244)

Product capabilities

The PM8000 series is capable of measuring between 20 Hz and 450 Hz, however the device is 0.2 certified between the 42 and 69 Hz boundaries.  Some functionality of the device such as harmonics and high speed power modules may perform unpredictably due to the half cycle timing differences.

In addition the meter's control power is listed as 90-415 V AC ±10 % (50/60 Hz ± 10 %) only. The meter will also accept 90 V AC to 120 V AC +/- 10% (400 Hz).

The accuracy of the PM8000 series meter is unknown and cannot be determined since there is no IEC accuracy standard for 400Hz. As a result, the products are not tested to an accuracy standard.
Power Quality (PQ) data for this meter at the 400Hz range is incorrect and should be completely ignored.

PM8000 400Hz support is very similar to the PM800. The supported measurments are V, I, F, P, E while THD, Harmonics, etc are not supported. Demand values and alarming are also expected to work correctly.
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