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Can you use just one 24Vdc power supply to feed both a trip unit and a BCM, or do you need 2 power supplies?

While both the trip unit and the BCM can be powered by 24Vdc, is it ok to use just one single 24Vdc power supply for both the trip unit and BCM, or do you have to use two separate 24Vdc power supplies (one for the trip unit, and another for the BCM)?

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

This applies to Powerpact P, R, and Masterpact NT, NW circuit breakers that have Micrologic A, P or H trip units and a BCM breaker communications module, with or without ERMS

To avoid issues between the trip unit and the BCM, separate 24Vdc power supplies should be used:
  • (1) 24Vdc power supply for the Micrologic A, P  and H trip unit
  • (1) Separate 24Vdc power supply for the BCM and associated communication modules
So for 1 breaker, 2 power supplies are required.
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