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What is the warranty period on Schneider Electric Surge Protective Devices SPDs?

Product Line: 
Surge Protective Devices (SPD's)

  • HWA, EBA, EMA, Surgeloc, IMA & I-Line all have a 10 year warranty for parts replacement from date of factory invoice.
  • SDSA1175, SDSA 3 PH, XR, all have a two year replacement warranty from the date of factory invoice or shipment.
  • Residential QO, HOM, three years from date of purchase or two years from date of installation (whichever is first) and $10,000 (see warranty document).
  • HEPD80 has five (5) years following the date of purchase and $75,000 connected equipment warranty. (see warranty document).
  • SDSB80111 has a five (5) years following the date of purchase and $100,000 connected equipment warranty (see warranty document).

*Note - Warranty covers replacement of the device or component but does not cover labor to replace or dispose of product.
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