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What are the repair parts for the QOGP3P604436125 Canadian QO Generator Panel?

Design Repair Parts

Product Line:
Canadian QO load centers

Repair parts


Only the parts listed below are considered field replaceable.
Cover - CQOC44UC 
Main Circuit Breaker - QOM2125VHL
Main Circuit Breaker Keps Nuts - 2342702001 (requires 2)
Factory installed 2-pole, 60amp breaker - QO260 (There is only ONE of this breaker installed from the factory)
Factory installed 3-pole, 60amp breakers - QO360 (There are TWO of these breakers installed from the factory)
Service Entrance Barrier - 4055995901 (This REQUIRES the Service Label part #4027272601 to be applied at the Factory BEFORE shipping and cannot be purchased separately)

Indoor Cover Mounting Screw bag assembly - 4028342250 (bag contains 6 screws) 
Indoor Cover Door Hinge - 4028356450K (Kit contains parts to repair one hinge)
Door Latch Kit - 4020284450K
Ground bars - L79A253 (This is a 3 hole ground bar and there are Four bars installed from the factory)
Ground bar Mounting screw - 4020594801 (one per bar)
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