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How to fix door interlock fault on a PV100, PV225, PV100S and PV225S?

Unit faulted on 0230 for PV100, 225 or 0070 on PV100S, 225S door interlock and can not be clear.

Product Line:
PV100, PV225, PV100S and PV225S


The door switch sensor was activated

At the main cabinet door has the foam installed all around to keep the inverter seal tightly. However, it also has a secondary function, which is to acivate or deactivate the door switch. When the door is closed, the foam will pushes against the door switch sensor inward to activate it telling the system that the door is closed. When the inverter has been outside for many years, this foam became dry and shrink. This cause the thickness of the foam became less then when its first installed. Therefore, when you closed the door, it does not pushes the door switch inward and the system think that the door was open even thought it was closed.
Find a new piece of foam that has a greater thickness and install it at the area where the door switch sensor is located. If it is installed right and the thickness is sufficient then the door interlock error will be able to clear by pressing F1 button.

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